BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case for Galaxy S8 Plus Review


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a wide range of cases available, and one of the more interesting cases out there is the BodyGuardz Ace Pro case. It's a somewhat clear case, with a black bumper, that gives the Galaxy S8 Plus a rather interesting look. It allows you to show off the Galaxy S8 Plus' design pretty easily, since it is clear, and by having a rather thick bumper, it provides some great protection to the Galaxy S8 Plus, which is the main reason why we all buy a case for our smartphone.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro is only available in clear, and it will cost you around $34.95. That's pretty comparable to other premium cases for the Galaxy S8 Plus, like Speck's options which are priced at $44.95. The BodyGuardz Ace Pro, as we mentioned already, does have a rather thick bumper. Now the bumper isn't so thick that it makes the Galaxy S8 Plus feel overly large in the hand, but it is noticeably heavier than not having a case. With that thicker bumper, the Ace Pro is impact resistant. Which means if you drop your Galaxy S8 Plus, the case should take all of the damage, and not the Galaxy S8 Plus. Let's face it, replacing the Ace Pro case at $34.95, is much easier and cheaper than getting a new Galaxy S8 Plus which is around $850.


On the back, the case is a bit clear, but it's kind of tinted. So the back is darker than the open part for the camera. It actually gives a rather cool look on the Galaxy S8 Plus, especially in the Arctic Silver color that we have here. On the back, like most cases, there's just one opening, which is for the camera, flash and fingerprint sensor, as you'd expect. There are also three openings on the bottom for the speaker, USB-C port, and 3.5mm headphone jack. Along with another at the top for one of the microphones. There aren't openings for the buttons on the left and right sides, but they are clear, which means it's a different material than the rest of the sides. Making it easier to find the buttons and press them.

When you first put the BodyGuardz Ace Pro case on the Galaxy S8 Plus, pressing the power, volume or Bixby buttons is a bit difficult. They aren't as tactile as they usually are. But once you use the case a bit, the buttons do begin to ease a bit, and become easier to press. On the front, the Ace Pro does cover the display, giving it a nice lip to protect the display when it is dropped, or simply faced down on a table. But you are still able to use all of the Edge features that are present on this curved display, which is a good thing, and something many users often worry about.


The BodyGuardz Ace Pro may not be as flashy or good looking as some of the other cases that are available for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, but it does do its job. Which is to protect your device from drops, or even just everyday usage. Is it worth picking up? Definitely. If you are someone that is tough on your phone, but don't want a thick case on your device, then the BodyGuardz Ace Pro is definitely worth taking a look at. Right now, the BodyGuardz Ace Pro is available at Amazon and BodyGuardz website. Interestingly enough, it's slightly more expensive at Amazon and does not ship via Amazon Prime (shipping is actually $4.95 over there). But you can pick it up at either store using the links below.

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