Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics Transitions The Series To Strategy

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics transitions the game series into the Strategy genre as Gameloft seeks to keep the franchise alive and pushing forward for another go at mobile gaming. While the initial Blitz Brigade offered up a team-based multiplayer first person shooter experience that was pretty popular with players, Rival Tactics will offer up a real-time strategy type of gameplay and will pit users against each other as they try to take down their enemy's defenses while defending their own and preventing them from being obliterated.

Like other real-time strategy games you'll have defenses to put up for your base but will also have heroes to deploy to carry out the bulk of attacks against you opponent. Each player's team can consist of eight squad members, though there are more than eight character types to choose from and you won't be able to use them all right away as you'll need to unlock some of them through game progression.

Skirmishes between players can take place randomly or you can battle it out against friends who also play the game. Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics also has a social element that is common for these sorts of games which is the ability to create or join a guild of other players. The benefits of a guild boil down to receiving assistance from guild members, but there is quite a bit more to it than that when it comes to the finer details as guild members can help each other in more ways than one. The game is free to download which means there are going to be some in-app-purchases but as always, they're optional and are not a requirement for playing the game. Having said that they do tend to help speed gameplay up and give you an advantage over others. If you were a fan of the original Blitz Brigade and also enjoyed games like Clash of Clans then this may be a game that is to your liking, and since it's free like so many other games that offer the same type of gameplay, you aren't really losing out on anything if you give it a try and you don't care for it.

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