BlackBerry Makes Switching To The KEYone Easier With Videos


Switching to a new phone can be a real hassle but BlackBerry Mobile is looking to make things a bit easier with a series of how-to videos the company has released on YouTube. The playlist itself was added on April 27th and, in total, there are 11 videos in that playlist – which you can watch below. The production value is, as you may have guessed, very good. Explanations within the videos are straightforward and there may even be some information contained in them that more experienced Android fans will find useful, although the videos themselves are specifically geared at new owners or prospective owners of the company's latest device – the BlackBerry KEYone.

They go into a fair amount of detail and cover tasks ranging from the very simple to the mildly complex. If you're new to Android and can't quite work out the SIM slot on your new KEYone, there's a video to help with that. On the more advanced end, there's also a video to help users set shortcuts or use the "convenience key" on the device's more traditional BlackBerry-style keyboard. In between those are videos to help with switching from another device to BlackBerry's latest handset – from either Android or iOS. How to make use of the KEYone's camera quick launch features to capture images on the fly has its own explanation, as does how to capture an image of the device's screen in the form of a screenshot. The playlist also includes an explanation of the "three dots" beneath icons on the device mean and how to add or change either a Google Account or email accounts.

BlackBerry's KEYone was only just announced in February at MWC 2017 and is expected to be available within the month for U.S. and Canadian buyers. It also has a few obvious differences from other Android devices since it has a full-blown keyboard and is made by a company not necessarily known for following the examples set by others. So it makes sense that the company behind the flagship would want to make the transition from another device as smooth as possible. That's especially true since switching devices remains a pain in the neck despite various improvements made to the process, and it only gets worse when going from one manufacturer to another – thanks mostly to variances in manufacturer UI skins. Videos like these provide a great place to start that transition.


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