Best Tech Gifts For Mother's Day 2017

best mothers day gifts 2017 AH
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Mother’s Day is coming up pretty soon, and it’s time to start looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Whether that be a new smartphone, a fitness tracker, smartwatch or even a pair of headphones, we have you covered. We have rounded up the best Mother’s Day gifts below.

Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus is one of the best smartphones under $300. It was recently announced by Motorola, and it’s now available. What’s even better is the fact that it does support all four of the US carriers, including Sprint and Verizon. So you can pick up this smartphone for your mom and she can simply pop in her SIM and be good to go.

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Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR is the updated version of the very popular Alta. It adds a heart rate monitor, while still being rather slim and lightweight. The Fitbit Alta HR can also take advantage of interchangeable bands, so you can pick up leather, silicon or even metal bands for the Fitbit Alta HR.

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AUKEY USB-C to USB 3.0 Cables


With most smartphones coming out with a USB-C connector these days, picking up a package of 5 USB-C cables is definitely a good idea. These cables are from AUKEY and come in different sizes. Some of which are better for charging your phone next to your bed, while others are better for charging in the car and such.

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Sony Dynamic Foldable Headphones MDR-ZX110-P


Here’s a good pair of relatively cheap headphones. These are often under $20, and are foldable, which means that she can easily stick these into her purse and not take up a whole lot of room. These do use a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you will need to go ahead and have a phone with a headphone jack still, for these to work well.

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VIZIO SmartCast E-Series E55u-D2 55″ 4K Ultra HD TV


What Mom could say no to a new TV? VIZIO’s 55-inch 4K TV here is a great one to take a look at. This is part of their SmartCast series of TV’s, which means that it does have Chromecast or Google Cast built-in, making it easy for Mom to go ahead and stream her favorite content from her smartphone over to the TV.

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Roku Express


With the Roku Express, you’ll be able to watch all of your favorite content with thousands of channels available on the platform already. Including YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Moves & TV and so much more. It’s also pretty easy to use, and the remote has a headphone jack for private listening.

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones


These Beats Solo3 are a great pair of headphones to pick up as well. These are wireless headphones, so they will work with any smartphone, or even a tablet or laptop. These are also available in Rose Gold, as well as many other colors, which looks outstanding, to be honest. And there’s incredible battery life, of around 12 hours.

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Huawei Mate 9

Now this one is a bit more expensive than the Moto G5 Plus we mentioned already, but it is a much larger device. Coming in with a 5.9-inch display, the Mate 9 is a beast. It also has Amazon’s Alexa built in, which means that you can control your home, if you have made your home smart, from your voice.

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Amazon Fire Tablet

If Mom has been wanting a tablet, but she doesn’t need a powerhouse like the Galaxy Tab S3, then the Amazon Fire Tablet is a good one to take a look at. It costs just $50 and sometimes it’s on sale even cheaper, and is great for consuming media. It does come with just 8GB of storage, but you can expand that storage with a micro SD card.

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Amazon Echo

Get your Mom a personal assistant, Alexa will be more than happy to help. With the Amazon Echo, Mom can ask Alexa to find her a recipe for something to cook for dinner tonight. Or she can ask it to play music, ask her to turn off the lights and so much more. Alexa and the Amazon Echo make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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JBL Pulse 2 Portable Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker from JBL is the Pulse 2, it’s a great speaker because it offers 360-degree sound which can really fill a room with sound. Additionally it is splashproof, so you could keep it in the kitchen and not worry about it being damaged. It also pulses different colors on the sides of the speaker, like an equalizer, which makes for a pretty cool looking speaker.

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Dell XPS 13 Laptop 

If your mom is in need of a new laptop, the Dell XPS 13 is definitely worth picking up. It’s a great looking laptop with very minimal bezels, but it’s also pretty high-end. So it’ll be able to do whatever she needs it to do. This particular model comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but there are other models available.

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Anker PowerCore 20100

With this battery pack, your mom will be able to keep it in her purse and charge up her smartphone when needed. It has a 20,100mAh capacity, making it great for charging up your smartphone, tablet or really anything. It should be able to charge your smartphone around 5-6 times before it runs out of juice.

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