Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners – May 2017


One of the more interesting parts of the smart home is the robot vacuum cleaner. Can you imagine never having to vacuum your home again? That's what a robot vacuum cleaner is for. There are many on the market right now, some coming in as low as $200, and some coming in as high as $1000. But which are the best robot vacuum cleaners out there? We've rounded up the best and listed them below.

iRobot Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba 860 from iRobot is a great one to take a look at. It comes in at under $500 right now and offers 3-stage cleaning. This helps the Roomba 860 make sure that the room is clean and doesn't leave anything behind. Like all iRobot Roomba robot vacuums, the Roomba 860 can be scheduled to clean at specific times, up to 7 times per week, using its app.


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iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


This is iRobot's highest-end robot vacuum, and it comes in at around $800. The Roomba 980 also uses their app to allow you to control the robot vacuum. But what's different here is that it uses iAdapt 2.0 for navigating through your home. This essentially maps out your home, so it knows where it needs to go, and doesn't miss any spots, which others can sometimes miss.

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Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies


Those of you with pets and/or allergies, this is the robot vacuum to pick up, and it's the cheapest one on the list (so far). This is the Neato BotVac D80, which is made for picking up all of that pet hair, even the hair that others may leave behind. Which is going to make things great for those with allergies, as they'll be able to breath better in their own home.

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Eufy RoboVac 11

This is one of the cheapest robot vacuums around, and it comes from Anker's appliance brand, Eufy. This is the RoboVac 11 which typically retails for under $250. It is pretty limited in its "smart" features, but it does clean up your home pretty nicely. There's no app here, but there is a remote that allows for scheduling cleaning sessions and also controlling the vacuum.


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ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


ECOVACS is another company putting out some pretty cheap vacuum cleaners, and this is also a great one for those with pets. As it is aimed at cleaning up all that pet hair and keep your home looking great, even for those that are allergic to pets. This one also works great on hardwood floors, so those that have both hardwood and carpet, you're covered, and at a pretty low price.


ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


ILIFE has an interesting one here, this is a robot vacuum cleaner, but it also does mopping. So you can mop your kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere that is not carpeted, while also vacuuming the rest of your carpeted home. And it's priced at $200 (typically on sale for under $150). Which means it doesn't have many smart features, like an app, but it does have a controller for controlling the vacuum.

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BLACK+DECKER HRV425BLP SMARTECH Lithium Robotic Pet Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER has a brand new robot vacuum here, which is up for pre-order and will be released on June 1st, it's priced at $399. This is another great robot vacuum that is aimed at cleaning up after your pets, especially if you have a lot of them. This one has three spinning brushes, that get up all that hair and other debris.


Neato Botvac Connected

This is a Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum, and what that means is that you can use the app to tell it when to clean your home, even when you aren't home. It also works with Alexa, so you can use Alexa to tell the Neato BotVac Connected to clean without picking up your phone. This one does clean very nicely, and picks up all that pet hair as well. It also uses IR blasters to keep from running into walls and tumbling down the stairs.

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iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot

As an added bonus, here's a mopping robot, another great entry from iRobot. This is their Braava 308t, which is their newest mopping robot. This is great for cleaning your bathroom (something no one ever wants to do). It will dry sweep, or damp mop the room. So you don't even need to worry about sweeping before mopping, which is also a great feature to have here.

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