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Whether you're a fan of racing games, RPG titles, puzzle games, or just your casual entries, there's always something new and something fun to play when it comes to games on Android. Now that we're in the beginning of the month of May it's time to see what's out there for some of the best mobile games and if you're having trouble deciding yourself what might be interesting or fun to try, we've worked up a list of some of the best games on Android right now that are worth checking out. Not all of these will necessarily be new within the last 30 days, but they'll all be pretty new. With that said, take a dive into the list below and see if you spot something you might want to try.


Kicking off this list is a game that most everyone should be familiar with. Pictionary was a staple in board and party games in the home for years, and the official game has finally gone digital and made its way to Android. This is a great game to play with family and friends or even just by yourself now that you can play against online opponents, and the gameplay is simple as all you have to do is attempt to draw the words that come up, while the other person on your team guesses.


Arena Masters: Legend Begins

This next game is another entry into the MOBA genre. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which has been made more and more popular by games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Heroes of the Storm. This particular title is similar to another popular mobile MOBA called Vainglory which is probably one of the most popular in this category. Like any MOBA, Arena Masters has a nice collection of champions for you to choose from to take on your opponents in an all-out PvP battle where your goal is to take down the enemy base.

Neon Chrome


If you like replayability, then the newly launched Neon Chrome has tons of it. Literally, it's endless as the levels are procedurally generated in this top-down twin-stick shooter with vivid neon colors and tons of weaponry. You'll also have the ability to keep your character progressing with new abilities and stats just like in an RPG making this a great option for anyone who loves the beauty of chaotic games that can be played over and over and over without feeling old and stale.

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids

If puzzles are what you seek, then this IS the droid game you're looking for. Star Wars: Puzzle Droid mashes together the addictive nature of match-3 puzzle games with your favorite Star Wars moments retold by the Droids. As you progress in the game you can unlock different Droid memories while also exploring different lands from the Star Wars universe.


Super Mario Run

This isn't a new game from within the last 30 days, but it's still a new game and a fantastic one at that. Super Mario Run is a call back to the Mario games of old but with some new twists. Mario runs automatically, and you're tasked with tapping the screen to make him jump at just the right time while trying to not only finish the level within the time limit, but also collect all of the coins. Each level has three different colored coin sets to collect giving this game some nice replayability, and there are quite a few levels in the full version of the game, as well as a town builder mode and some other extras.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars


This is a game for fans of shows like Battlebots, which pits two robot builders against each other as they pilot remote controlled robots designed with one thing in mind. A battle to the death. In CATS you'll have the chance to design and build your own robot and get it ready for PvP battles against other players, and of course the robots can be upgraded. It looks like a lot of mayhem, and that's fantastic.

Office Space: Idle Profits

Perhaps not the most exciting entry on this list but it will be fun to play, especially for those who are fans of the movie. The goal here is to rip off Initech and this will include you doing things like trying to upload a virus into the company's mainframe that allows you to steal money from the company. All kinds of hilarity and crazy moments could ensue, and along the way you can meet some memorable characters from the film's cast.


Super Senso

If you enjoy competing against other players but like things to follow more of a real-time strategy style of gameplay, Super Senso is a new game in this particular genre that may be worth looking into. There's tons of heroes to collect to add to your arsenal and the more you play the more chances you have to get chests which could contain upgraded units for your defenses.

Lumino City


This is another puzzle entry and probably one of the most beautifully designed puzzle games on mobile in a long time. Each scene and element in the game is handcrafted which adds a level of realism, but don't let the beautiful graphics fool you. The puzzles can be extremely challenging, but also extremely fun. The game also features cloud sync so you can play across multiple devices.

Guardians of The Galaxy TTG

Rounding out this list is Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale Games. It features a unique story with the cast from the film but the story does not fall in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which should make for a rather interesting play through. The game is episodic which means there will be more episodes released at later dates that make up the complete game, and you can buy them all one by one or in a season pass, which is the better way to go if you plan to get them all anyway.


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