Best Android Apps – May 2017


No matter how you use your smartphone, chances are that you use apps, as apps are the center point of a smartphone. New apps are releasing all of the time on Android so each month we mash together a list of some of the best apps out there to check out, and it's that time of the month again where we suggest some apps that are worth looking into. Not all of the apps will be to everyone's liking nor will all of them have a place in the day to day of every user, but all of them are useful or interesting in their own right, so go ahead and take a look at some of the best apps from the past month.


If you're a history buff and a fan of the HISTORY channel, then you may find this one interesting, as this is the streaming app for the HISTORY channel which lets you watch full episodes of different video content. There is a $4.99 monthly fee but you also get a free one-week trial, and content is added weekly as well.


Paralign – Aligning Thoughts

Sometimes life can be stressful or just downright confusing. If you're the type of person who likes to put their thoughts down or you have a general curiosity in what other people's thoughts were for your similar situation, Paralign gives you the ability to connect with others who have been in your situation before. It's all anonymous so privacy is assured, and it helps you achieve a state of mindfulness.

Panna Recipes & Cooking Videos

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If you love to cook or if you just want an easy app to use that has tons of useful information on cooking recipes, this is it. While there are loads of useful cooking apps on Android, the nice thing about Panna is that it has videos to help you along the way which can be extremely useful to anyone who likes a visual of what to do during the process. There are more than 400 recipes already in the app and each cooking video is step by step.

Socratic – Homework Answers

Most people need a little help with homework at one time or another and if you fit into that category then maybe Socratic can be the help you need. The app is tailored around giving help with answers to various homework questions. It allows you to take a photo of your homework and get quick results of help videos and steps to complete things like math questions and more.


Xfinity xFi

This is an app meant for those who have Xfinity internet service and have Wi-Fi set up in their home and want an easy way to manage it. This app will let you do things like update your Wi-Fi password or you can just simply view the network name if you don't remember what you called it and need to give it to someone. You can also use the app to see who the most active user of your network is.

Walmart Grocery


Do you hate actually having to shop inside of Walmart but you like the lower prices that they usually have on most items? Then this app is for you. While it won't help you get a delivery of anything from Walmart, you can use it to shop and place your order, so all you have to do is go down and pick up your groceries, which lets you avoid the busy nature of the store.

Microsoft Azure

Strictly meant for businesses, Azure is you go-to app for keeping on top of things like metrics, health issues, and other business-related stuff. It's just like the desktop version of Azure but now you can do things from your smartphone and on the go so you can be mobile and still keep an eye on stuff and get things done.



This is an app launched in partnership with Samsung, and is a way for people to communicate with those who have aphasia. The app lets you and the other person communicate through emoji instead of words, and already has over 140 different phrases. It helps people who can't communicate through typical means of text or speech keep in touch and in communication with their friends and family.

Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft's official To-do list app which took the place of Wunderlist. You can use it just like most to-do list apps and type up your lists to make sure you get things done, but it also has a note taking feature and it offers up smart suggestions on your to-do lists to help you get things done more efficiently and faster.

Amazon FreeTime

This one is for the kiddos, and the parents really. It's an app that allows parents and children access to a large library of kid-friendly books to read together, though it also isn't just books as there are categories for apps and videos too. There is a $2.99 monthly fee and there are awesome parental controls so parents can always make sure their kids aren't spending too much time with the app.