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Gmail is the most popular e-mail application for Android, and the most popular e-mail service in the world. Google's e-mailing platform grew immensely over the years, and the Mountain View giant is offering a really good app for Android users, which is free to use. That being said, some people don't like that app, and that's fine, different people want different things. So, in case you're looking for an app with a different design or functionality, we've basically compiled a list of top 10 best Gmail alternatives. You can attach your Gmail e-mail to basically every single app on this list, so if you want to keep using your Gmail e-mail, you can easily use it on either of the apps down below. That being said, these apps are not listed in any specific order, which is something to keep in mind. So, let's get started, shall we.

Blue Mail


Blue Mail is actually one of the best-rated e-mail applications for Android. This application is currently holding a 4.6-star rating in the Play Store, and it offers quite a few features, not to mention that it looks really nice as well. You can choose between Material Design & Lollipop layout, while night mode is included here as well, same goes for rich text signature. You can attach your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail… and other accounts to Blue Mail, while the app also offers exchange support.



myMail looks somewhat different than Blue Mail, but it's just as functional. This application also lets you use a ton of various services, while it offers support for exchange as well. Push notifications are included here, as they are in pretty much every other app on this list, while this app also supports ActiveSync protocol. There are a ton of options you play around with in settings as well, if that's your thing.


Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is Yahoo's official e-mail app. You can use your own Yahoo account with this app, or you can attach your Gmail, Outlook or AOL account to it, it's your choice. This application does not offer as many features as the previous two we've listed, but it's a great Gmail alternative, nonetheless. Yahoo Mail lets you change its design through theming, while it also packs in various small tweaks you can take advantage of.


Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft's Outlook app is one of the best-designed e-mail apps around. This app lets you access your calendar right from your inbox, and it has nice integration with other Microsoft services, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Push notifications are included, of course, and even though it has considerably fewer features and tweaks than Blue Mail, for example, it's still quite compelling and extremely useful.

Email TypeApp


TypeApp e-mail app offers a rather unique design, and is feature-packed. This is one of the best-rated apps on this list, as it is currently holding a 4.6-star rating in the play store. TypeApp features instant and smart push notifications, which let you tweak it to the maximum in order to adapt it to your usage scenarios. This app can sync with your calendar and contacts, and you can choose between a dark mode and various themes as far as the design is concerned.


Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is yet another Google-made application for e-mail purposes. This is not your regular e-mail app, however, Inbox's purpose is to better organize your e-mails, without pushing a ton of stuff you don't need in your face. This app has a ton of options and functions a bit differently than a regular app, it certainly has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it can be extremely useful and you might even find it irreplaceable.


ProtonMail is one of the most secure e-mail applications out there, at least that's what the app's developer says. This application encrypts your e-mails, it integrates PGP end-to-end encryption. This app also looks really nice, though it's designed somewhat differently than most other apps on this list. ProtonMail is even open to security experts for inspection, and the app is completely free to use.


Alto is an e-mail app which boasts rather compelling organization features. This app can serve as your regular e-mail app, sure, but it also integrates your flight schedules, file attachments and photos, while you can also get real-time alerts about package deliveries, for example. This app offers flat design, while it also packs in some other useful features on the inside. This app is also completely free to use, and it is highly rated by its users.

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is a nicely designed e-mail app which lets you attach a number of e-mail providers to it. It supports all sorts of different protocols, and comes with OAUTH2 authentication for Gmail. Push notifications are available here, and the app integrates with a ton of third-party applications, such as Light Flow, Nova Launcher, Cloud Print, etc. There are a ton of additional features which are available within this application as well, all in all, it's quite a versatile app.

Newton Mail

Newton Mail is being advertised as not only an e-mail app, but also an organizer. Do keep in mind that this is a subscription-based service, so in-app purchases are actually included here. It offers some really neat features, and it works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, and a number of other services. You will be able to use this app to its full capacity for 14 days before you're asked to pay up, so you'll be able to fully test it before you buy a subscription.

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