Android 7.0 Nougat Update Rolling Out Now To Verizon's LG K8 V

Owners of LG's K8 V on Verizon will be happy to learn that the Android 7.0 (Nougat) update is finally being rolled out. Users will want to keep an eye out for it, if they haven't already received the update, or they can go into their device settings to manually check for software updates. In addition to the enhancements brought by Nougat itself, Verizon's announcement included a list of additional benefits being carried by the update. Verizon made the announcement through the official device page on May 24th and the update will bring the LG K8 V software version to VS50020a.

Changes included with the updated software fall under a wide variety of categories. First, images that a user has accidentally deleted can now be found in the Trash folder for a full 7 days. From there, those pics can be either restored or deleted permanently. The stock Downloads application has been switched up, as well, with the LG application being replaced by Google's Downloads app. Multi-window support has also finally arrived and users only need to long-press the recent apps icon to select apps to use in that mode, while sliding the center divider all the way in either direction will return an app to full-screen mode. Beyond that, the update to Nougat includes a new feature in the form of what Verizon refers to as "Condition cards." Those will appear in the navigation bar and allow some device settings to be more intuitively changed around. For example, Airplane mode will create a friendly reminder, in the form of a Condition card, in the navigation panel and users can interact with that card to turn it off or on. Along those same lines, long-pressing a notification from any app will now provide options to control those notifications. In another change to the UI settings, users can adjust the size of both icons and text with a slider found in the Display settings menu. Users will also be able to choose from three themes that change up the icons, text, and color schemes  - with themes including basic, black bold, or high contrast. Notifications on the lock screen are seeing some changes, too. Instead of displaying two lines of text, they will now display three and notifications will be displayed on cards. Adjusting shortcuts on the lock screen is still possible through the settings menu. Finally, the setting menu has also been tweaked. Verizon explains that Sound & Notification has been separated into two individual categories, while the Storage and USB setting has been shortened and is just called "Storage" now.

It bears repeating that updates like this require some time to get out because they roll out to regions or groups in succession. So users should keep an eye out for it, but not get too worried if they haven't gotten it yet.

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