Amazon Fire TV Gets A DISH Anywhere App

Amazon Fire TV DISH Anywhere

Amazon Fire TV now has a DISH Anywhere app available which means users who subscribe to the DISH service will be able to more easily watch their favorite shows on the big screen. More importantly, it’s available for more than just the Fire TV itself as it will also be available for the Fire TV Stick, and anything with Fire TV built-in. It’s also important to keep in mind that DISH Anywhere is not a monthly streaming service like HBO Now, Hulu, or Netflix, but the companion app for DISH network. That being said, if you subscribe to DISH for your home TV, then you can already watch DISH on the big screen without this app, but this would be extremely useful for another TV in the home which may not have a DISH connection available, as they could simply plug in an Amazon Fire TV device and use the app.

As noted by DISH, the Amazon Fire TV app will be the first time that DISH has placed their application on a media streamer box and other media streaming devices that are meant for the home, as it’s only been available on mobile devices up until now, meaning you could get it on the Play Store and watch it on your smartphone or tablet.

With DISH Anywhere allowing DISH customers access to not only live TV but on-demand content and anything that was saved to their DVR, this new device support will be perfect for those who travel for work or any occasion and have a Fire TV stick with which to plug into TVs at hotels or other places where they’re staying. As Amazon Fire TV is the first media device that supports DISH Anywhere that means there is still no support for Chromecast so there’s no current option to stream from the app to a Chromecast device that’s plugged in, which leaves Chromecast owners in a bind if they don’t want to watch content on their smaller screen. There’s currently no mention of when the app will add support for Chromecast either, or if DISH has plans to add it all.