YouTube Announces 10,000 View Cap Before Ad Revenue Begins


YouTube has today announced a change to the way in which its contributors can make money from the platform. More specifically, YouTube has today announced a change which stops some contributors from making money on YouTube. The change revolves around the issue of people uploading content to their channel(s) which is effectively, not their content to begin with. As a means to circumvent this issue from now on, YouTube plans to stop contributors from accumulating any revenue on videos before they reach 10,000 views.

According to YouTube, this is a cumulative cap, so the 10,000 views refers to the channel and not any specific videos. Until that cap is now reached, YouTube has confirmed that videos hosted on a channel will not include ads. YouTube hopes this move will ensure that any members of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) are receiving their income for their videos, and people are not benefiting from the YPP with content that is not theirs, or does not meet YouTube's "community guidelines and advertiser policies". The latter of which is something has been routinely been hitting the news lately with advertiser ads showing up besides content that could be considered questionable by the advertisers. So while the YouTube announcement does not specifically mention this aspect, YouTube has been making moves to limit the times such instances happen, and this in one way or another, is likely to be an extension of those preemptive measures.

In addition to the actual confirmation of the 10,000 view cap, YouTube has also now detailed that it plans to introduce a new review process for new creators who want the join the YPP. This new process will see the YPP applicant going through a 'channel review' to ensure that the channel meets the requirements set out by YouTube. The new review process is said to becoming active "in a few weeks" and will work in conjunction with the 10,000 views. Which essentially means that any new YouTube creators will not be able to apply to be a YPP member, or have their channel reviewed as part of that application, until the 10,000 lifetime views have been accumulated.

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