Xiaomi's April Fools' Prank Was MIUI 9 OS Announcement


Xiaomi's MIUI 9 OS announcement was actually a prank for April 1st, also known as April Fools' day. Xiaomi actually released a teaser for the MIUI 9 OS announcement, stating that it will be announced on April 1st, and that it is not a prank for April Fools' day. Now, considering that the company explicitly said that it is not a prank, consumers were overjoyed, of course, but… Xiaomi was, unfortunately, only joking, read on.

Xiaomi basically unveiled MIUI 9 OS with a number of rather odd, obviously fake, camera features. First of which was the 'Truth Mode', which actually makes you uglier after you activate it on a specific selfie you took. The second camera feature Xiaomi 'unveiled' was the 'Eccentric Beauty Mode', and this feature is targeted towards group selfies. This mode was supposed to detect the face of the owner in a group picture, and improve / beautify its face, in order to make it more beautiful than the rest of the people in that specific photo. The 'Couple Match Mode' is a feature which was supposed to allow you to upload your selfie to MIUI servers, and then the company was expected to find a perfect match, someone that is as beautiful as you are. Now, on top of said camera features, Xiaomi also announced the 'Positive Energy Mode', which was supposed to make your phone pay you compliments when you look sad in a selfie. Now, on top of all that, the company also shared some info on the 'Beauty Map Mode', this mode basically provided information on average attractiveness for people who live in different places.

Now, all of those features are obviously fake, and Xiaomi really managed to fool a lot of people. It's bad enough when you do announce something on April 1st and it turns out not to be true, but when you specifically say that something is true even though it was announced on April 1st, and it turns out it isn't… well, you get the point. MIUI 9 probably won't arrive anytime soon, if Xiaomi intends to stick to their release cycle, we won't be seeing it until Q2 or Q3 this year (available in Q3 or Q4), but who knows, maybe the company manages to surprise us.


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