Unceremoniously Remove Airline Passengers With New Android Game


A new game has made its way to the Google Play Store, entitled 'Remove Airline Passenger.' The premise is simple and the name of the game offers a fairly good description of what you should expect with this one – in short, you are tasked with forcible removing passengers from an aircraft. The game is a free to download game and seemingly does not contain any in-app purchases.

According to the Google Play Store listing, the airline in question is Divided Airlines and this is an airline that "is known for overbooking" its flights. As a result, the player is required to assist the airline in removing some of those overbooked passengers who are not willing to leave voluntarily when asked. If this sounds a little familiar, then yes, parallels between the premise of the game and the recent United Airlines incident seem obvious. In fact, under 'Features' on the Google Play Store listing, the developers suggests that gameplay is so "fun and thrilling" that it actually "feels like removing passengers from an actual plane." So it does seem clear that the title is designed to capitalize on the recent United Airlines incident, bringing a more light-hearted take to what was otherwise, a very serious issue.

In terms of the actual gameplay, it is largely best to think of this as a sort of endless runner as that is largely the flow of the game. Once running, the only action required by the player is the forcible removal of a passenger by tapping (or swiping) on the passenger as you rush past, complete with sounds. The idea being to remove as many of the seated passengers as possible while navigating your way down the aisle – and in spite of what seems to be clearly a lot of empty seats on the aircraft. In a similar vein to a number of like-games, the more passengers you are able to remove, the faster you will start to progress down the aisle, accumulating an increasingly higher score as you go. Those interested can check out Remove Airline Passenger in more detail or download the game for free by heading through the link below.


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