Twitter Will Soon Start Hosting 24/7 Live Video Content


Twitter's emphasis on live video content has been a cornerstone of their plan to address stagnant user growth and retention, and it seems that they're going to double down on that strategy by offering 24/7 live content akin to cable TV. Anthony Noto, Twitter's Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, revealed the company's upcoming plans in an interview with BuzzFeed News, saying that the ultimate goal of that endeavor is to position Twitter as a service that offers latest news and entertainment. Twitter will be holding its first News Front event next week, where the company will be talking to investors about putting a larger focus on live video offerings to help reshape the platform's image.

According to Noto, Twitter is currently working on a number of different projects in the realm of live video. The executive didn't go into many details on what the firm is working on but did reveal that they plan to unveil some new show-like content for their live video platform at the News Front event in order to attract advertisers' attention. Regardless, Noto stated that building the kind of content library that Twitter will need to actually be able to have 24/7 live video will take a while. Twitter already has a number of premium shows and different types of content available, most of which make their way to users by playing automatically or being easily available through the platform's Explore tab. This includes sports content, though Twitter currently still acts as a gateway for some content like the pay-per-view UFC bouts.

Twitter's identity has been reshaped multiple times over the years, and the platform's latest reimagining saw it focus on adaptability and versatility. The company went through a long period of subpar user growth and dips in revenue, but Noto is convinced that live video has a legitimate shot at reviving Twitter's performance. Though users can largely shape their own experience on the platform, the thereof now boasts a definite focus on live video and news, and Twitter is making sure to make it that way by pushing their live video content and coupling it with high-paying advertisements.

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