Three New Moto Style Shells Unveiled Online


Lenovo's upcoming new Style Shell Moto Mods have made their way onto the internet courtesy of Weibo user Louie Chan HK. The new Style Shells aren't focused on the material that they're made of like the ones that debuted alongside the Moto Z, but instead center around a specific design. All three in this reveal are focused on scenery; one shows off a geometrically spectacular skyscraper, one shows a bird's eye view of a twilight cityscape with a set of oddly-shaped buildings front and center, and one shows off a beautiful sunset skyline as seen between two skyscrapers. All three appear to be otherwise the same, with black material underlying the actual design, and likely stretching all the way to the back to house the Moto Mod connectors.

Since all that's out there right now is one picture, it's unclear what the new Style Shells are made of. The only thing that is clear in that regard is that they seem to all be made of the same material; they exhibit roughly the same reflective qualities, and when looking at the picture up close, the grain of the material in all of them seems the same. The material has a glossy sheen to it, and looks vaguely porous, though that could simply be due to the light in the photo. This means that the new Style Shells could be made of plastic, metal, or something else entirely, perhaps with the "wallpaper" not engraved on, but overlaid using a different material, such as vinyl, silicone, or polycarbonate. All three of them feature the Moto circular logo in its customary location though it's quite likely to be flat. The Style Shells on offer look extremely thin, much like the currently available models that are all centered around different materials and finishes.

Another area where Chan's post on Weibo left the internet at large in the dark was pricing. The current lineup of Moto Z Style Shells run $20 each, but given that these new ones have intricate designs on them that are presumably printed in a secure and lasting manner, it's entirely conceivable that they could cost more. Since the Style Shells are also Moto Mods, they could bundle in other functionality, or have a synced wallpaper like Google's Live Cases, though the currently available Style Shells offer no such options.

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