There's A Class Action Investigation Over Nexus 6P Bootloops

Nexus 6p AH 07

There’s a class action investigation over Nexus 6P bootloops that could lead to a lawsuit against Google over the issue. A new report by Chimicles & Tikellis LLP states that they’re investigating Google over the potential of a lawsuit due to the bootlooping issues that consumers have been complaining about, though the bootloops are only part of the issue as the investigation also includes the issue of users’ devices having problems with an early shutdown, an issue which started gaining more attention towards the end of last year when more users seemed to experiencing it.

Some users though not all, of course, were reporting instances of their devices shutting down when they still had battery life left. The range of battery life percentage varied from user to user, but as stated in the reports from last year and in the details from the formal investigation filing, battery  life for some users was as little as ten percent and as high sixty percent for others. This in itself would certainly pose a problem for those who were seeing their devices shut down closer to sixty percent as they still had more than half of the battery life left, and it didn’t take Google very long to respond to consumers of the Nexus 6P who were having this problem stating that they were working to try and resolve the problem.

The bootloops are another problem entirely as it leaves consumers without a way to use their phones, whereas those with the early shutdown problem had at least some use of the device during the day. As noted by the Chimicles & Tikellis’ report, the issue tracker does contain acknowledgement of the early shutdown problem but that it has a low priority rating and users still don’t have a definitive time frame on a fix let alone a confirmation that one is still coming. Due to this and the reportedly unhelpful resolution that users have been getting over the bootloop problem, Chimicles & Tikellis are urging users to contact their law firm if they’ve personally experienced these issues. Since this is still just an investigation there is no guarantee that this will lead to a class action lawsuit like it has for LG over the G4 and V10 which also had issues with bootlooping devices, but it would seem at the very least that it’s a possibility. How good of a possibility is unclear.