T-Mobile Court Ordered To Discontinue T-Voice

T-Voice is a company-run, company-owned employee moderation and complaint fielding platform that was essentially supposed to serve the same purpose as a union, but now the Uncarrier has been ordered by a National Labor Relations Board to disband T-Voice, leaving talks with company administration as the only remaining way for employees to suss out pain points and concerns with the company. The biggest of these is T-Mobile Employees Union, or TU, who fought directly for T-Voice to meet its end. This move is a win for union workers, who will now have full purview of their own workplace, one that has traditionally been found to be hostile toward employees both in policy and unofficially.

T-Voice is to be disbanded and dissolved, effective immediately. TU, being the largest organization for employees to turn to, will function as a sort of de facto replacement. TU is not just a coalition of T-Mobile employees - it's also served as the backing of Communication Workers of America, and ver.di, their European equivalent that operates under T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom. TU's victories thus far have been fairly major, such as getting paid parental leave instated, and enlisting the help of relevant courts to put down illegal and abusive company policies, such as forbidding employees to discuss working conditions and calling for silence from victims of workplace harassment.

Communication Workers of America first brought T-Voice to the attention of relevant authorities by way of an official filing back in February of 2016. In that filing, they asserted that T-Mobile was using a classic tactic; silencing employee unions by presenting a much more acceptable, official option, despite that option being ultimately empty of employee benefit compared to an actual union. Without employees, a union has no bargaining power, which meant that snuffing out T-Voice was the only way for TU to continue gaining ground. The organization plans to continue fighting with Magenta for fair workplace conditions and worker rights for the foreseeable future, like any other union. Meanwhile, with T-Voice gone, TU's numbers will only grow, giving them more power and reach. As employee conditions improve for T-Mobile employees, other carriers' people will be empowered to stand up for their rights and values as well, as Verizon workers did last year, and as AT&T workers did just last month.

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