Sprint’s Brand Improving Among Consumers, Survey Finds

April 18, 2017 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

Sprint’s brand is improving among consumers in the United States, a survey conducted by research firm Cowen and Company found, as reported by FierceWireless. The fourth largest mobile service provider in the country is reportedly enjoying an extremely positive perception from the general public, with more than 38 percent of its own customers interviewed for the survey saying the company’s image is currently improving, a sentiment that was mimicked by almost 32 percent of all interviewees. While seven percent of the firm’s subscribers said its brand is on a decline, that figure is negligible in light of the fact that Cowen and Company’s quarterly wireless survey never recorded a lower percentage of skeptical customers of a single mobile service provider.

While a steadily increasing brand value rarely translates to increased profits in the short term — something that the aforementioned survey acknowledges — Sprint’s improving image in the country will likely reflect well on the company’s long-term prospects, industry watchers believe. Some analysts expect Sprint to record significant postpaid adds in the near future, though many are skeptical about the Overland Park, Kansas-based company’s churn rates that could possibly rise due to increasing market competitiveness. Regardless, recent reports indicate that Sprint has a solid chance of maintaining and even increasing its current performance at the expense of Verizon and AT&T, and a similar prediction can be given for the company’s public image that reportedly improved simultaneously as Verizon’s brand declined, Cowen and Company’s survey suggests. Even so, the Big Red still boasts the strongest brand on the market, according to the same source.

While it remains to be seen whether industry analysts are correct to be skeptical about Sprint’s churn rates, an update on the company’s financial performance should follow shortly seeing how the fourth largest wireless carrier in the country is scheduled to post its Q4 2016 and full-year financial results on May 3. The firm will also hold a traditional conference call with analysts and investors following the publication of its latest financial results, which is when it’s expected to address some concerns regarding its rapidly growing debt and also comment on the rumors about a potential merger with T-Mobile.