Sprint Global Roaming Provides Free Data &Texts Abroad


Sprint customers looking to travel outside of the United States until now had to be mindful of specific per-country rates and be frugal about their usage, or simply unlock their phone and get a local SIM in their destination, but Sprint's new Global Roaming option is set to put an end to that as of April 14. On the day that the switch flips, customers on Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plans will get free unlimited data in over 165 supported countries, along with free text messages, and voice calling at only 20 cents per minute. Customers on other plans will still have to pay a bit extra, but not nearly as much as before, and far less than they would pay with some other wireless roaming options.

Sprint Global Roaming boasts extreme ease of use. Whenever a customer arrives in a supported country, they'll receive a welcome text from Sprint that breaks down what services are available, and what rates that they will have to pay for them. Similar to the international roaming plan that T-Mobile has available, Sprint users don't have to make any preparations; when they arrive and get that welcome text, their international services are already good to go. Customers who aren't on Unlimited Freedom or end up going to a place where high-speed data is available and costs extra can choose to take the plunge and pay for extra data right from their smartphone.

Sprint proclaimed their international roaming option to be the best in the business, and weren't afraid to take the fight to other wireless companies in their press release. As T-Mobile did when they highlighted their own international roaming plan with a study last week, Sprint pointed the finger at AT&T as a prime example of international roaming potentially getting far more expensive than it should. They also took pot shots at Verizon over the issue, and stated that T-Mobile's similar unlimited roaming options do not feature high-speed LTE data, it should be noted that T-Mobile's past press releases on the matter beg to differ, with one even focusing on the fact that T-Mobile has LTE coverage across most of Europe that can be utilized by US customers.

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