Shopping Lists Transfer To Google Home Starting April 10th


Shopping lists made with Google Assistant will be moved to the Google Home and Google Express apps starting on April 10th. Users who regularly access their shopping lists through Google Keep have been notified of this change via an in-app message. The transfer is mandatory, which means after April 10th, all of the shopping lists stored in Google Keep will be moved to the Google Home app. The shopping lists can then be accessed through Google Home and Google Express apps by tapping the list icon and also through the shopping list shortcut in the Google Assistant. All the things you can do before with shopping lists, like adding items via Google Assistant, checking items off, ordering items, and deleting items that will no longer be ordered, can still be done but now within the Google Home app. Those who already shared their shopping lists via Google Keep do not need to worry, as the lists will automatically be shared with anyone you have previously shared it with. However, they could only access the list through Google Home or Google Express apps.

It is expected that there will be people who prefer to keep their shopping lists in Keep, so the search giant has suggested some workarounds. The main workaround is to create a new Google Keep list through copying the shopping list accessible in Google Home, pasting it in another Google Keep list, and deleting the original list before April 10th. By doing this workaround, you will be able to access your shopping list via Google Keep and new items will not be added to the Google Home shopping list.

It's not clear how this move by Google will affect users of Google Assistant and Google Keep internationally. While Google Keep and Google Assistant are globally available, Google Express is only available within the continental United States. Google Home app, meanwhile, is clearly not as useful without the Google Home hub, which is only available in select countries. The Google support page is not clear about this matter either, as it only announces the changes in the shopping list and the workaround.

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