Saygus V2 Pre-Orders Said To Get Free Snapdragon 835 Upgrade

Saygus V2 pre-orders are said to get a free Snapdragon 835 upgrade for the phone once it launches according to the latest tweet from Saygus themselves, though customers who have already dumped money into the pre-order of this device have likely done so almost immediately after the phone was announced initially and pre-orders were opened to the public, and this was over two years ago, so customers might be understandably skeptical at this point. The image above is the Saygus V2 or, Saygus V Squared, and this image was taken at last year's Mobile World Congress. The phone operated like any other smartphone, though it was still essentially a prototype and not ready for the public.

If you've pre-ordered the Saygus V2, this news might fill you with joy as the Snapdragon 835 is at the top of the food chain when it comes to mobile processors. Of course, whether or not it gets the Snapdragon 835 would depend on the phone actually being released, and when/if that happens, depending on the time frame between now and then Saygus could easily change their minds and upgrade customers to the next processor, as they've done with this tweet from April 14th when they were previously promising an upgrade to the Snapdragon 820 back in November. Should that happen though it would also mean a much longer wait.

That being said, if the Saygus V2 does end up launching sometime in the near future a Snapdragon 835 wouldn't be a bad deal for having to wait this long for a device that you've already paid for. It's the absolute least that Saygus could do for their customers. With all of this time there's no reason why they couldn't also incorporate other newer specs as well, like the latest version of the Android software which at this point would be Nougat. Of course, why stop there. Saygus could also provide other free upgrades for their customers too, say, a nicer camera, perhaps a newer and larger battery, and maybe even a better display. All things considered, the Saygus V2 had the potential to be a good device. Now whether or not it can ever live up to the hype that's been built up around it by Saygus will depend on one simple factor. A release.

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