Samsung Outs Two New TV Spots For The Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus Hands On AH 134

Samsung has a serious leg up on most competitors in the advertising area of the smartphone market, and their two newest commercials for the Galaxy S8 show it. The English language commercial is centered on emphasizing the incredible technological breakthroughs that are set to redefine the way that people interact with technology, creating a “new normal”.  The other commercial shows off the Infinity Display’s potential for augmented reality content, showing a South Korean youth engrossed in a fantasy world centered around a giant blue butterfly, with his Galaxy S8 as a portal.

In the first commercial, a number of Samsung products are shown off in a way similar to how today’s children may imagine and use them. The ad shows off a Galaxy S8 being used to photograph a newborn first, then shows a child taking the phone in water. Samsung’s Gear VR is also shown off, being used to immerse a group of schoolchildren in a dinosaur chase. A Gear 360 VR camera is also used to connect a baby at home to its father, who was out in an open wild, with the aurora borealis behind him. Naturally, thanks to the Gear 360’s immersive recording, the child’s mother was able to simply tilt the Galaxy S8 to shift the stunned baby’s view from the father to the beautiful lights above. Payment via a Gear S3 smartwatch is also shown off, as is giving a baby in utero the gift of music with a pair of Samsung GearX Bluetooth headphones.

The second commercial starts with what appears to be a young man stepping out for a study break, with his trusty Galaxy S8 by his side. While out and about, he spots a blue butterfly. He points his phone’s camera at the beautiful bug, and ends up presented with a powerful augmented reality fantasy. In it, he ends up in a helicopter, watching a massive version of the blue butterfly flapping its way over a snowy mountain ridge. In the helicopter, a glance at his phone is enough to snap him back into reality, where the butterfly is just leaving the bounds of the S8’s generous Infinity Display.