Rumor: Meizu Is Making A Mobile SoC In Partnership With TI

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According to a newly-surfaced rumor, Meizu will start manufacturing its very own processors soon. According to this info, Meizu is already working with Texas Instruments, a US-based company, in order to develop its very own processor. Now, as some of you probably already know, Texas Instruments (also known as TI) used to manufacture processors in the past, but they’re no longer doing that, at least they’re not manufacturing SoCs with its own name on them.

Back in 2012, Texas Instruments announced that they will no longer manufacture their OMAP processors which were included in a number of smartphones and tablets to date. Texas Instruments is still quite a compelling company, and they definitely know what they’re doing, so if Meizu really is developing their very own SoC, Texas Instruments’ knowledge will certainly come in handy. It is worth noting that Texas Instruments abandoned their OMAP chips and SoC manufacturing back in 2012 because they were unable to develop their very own baseband technology which would rival those of their competitors. Now, this rumor was not confirmed by Meizu, or by Texas Instruments, but it sure sounds interesting, and it might even be true. As you already know, Xiaomi actually released their very own processor a while back, called the Pinecone Surge S1, which is a mid-range SoC. Well, Meizu might be looking for a way to compete with Xiaomi, and release their very own offering.

We still don’t have any information as to what kind of a mobile SoC is Meizu developing with Texas Instruments, as this rumor really did not share all that much info, but if the rumor is true, chances are we’re looking at either an entry-level, or a mid-range processor. It is worth noting that Meizu is probably planning to release their new flagship soon, the Meizu PRO 7. This handset will probably launch next month, and chances are it will be fueled by the Helio X30 64-bit deca-core processor from MediaTek. That being said, stay tuned, we’ll report back as soon as more info surfaces, and it is possible that Meizu or Texas Instruments might confirm or deny this rumor in the near future, we’ll see.


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