Revolar Instinct Wearable Aims To Protect Those You Care For

Colorado-based startup Revolar introduced its next-generation wearable this week. Unlike most wearables which are designed to track calories or count steps, the Revolar Instinct was created with a more important purpose in mind – stopping assault before it happens.

Revolar wants people to feel safe at all time, so it designed the Instinct as a discrete wearable panic button that can easily be clipped to clothing items or attached to keychains. The gadget is quite small, so it's hardly noticeable. Wearers can activate the Instinct using clicks – one click (Check-In) will let a select group of people know you are home or in a safe location, two clicks (Yellow Alert) will share your location and concerns with them, while three clicks (Red Alert) will prompt the people in your safe circle to send emergency units to your location. The wearable works by connecting to an accompanying smartphone app via Bluetooth in order to provide real-time GPS information. Within the app, Instinct owners can customize alerts and alert messages.

Users can choose up to five friends and family members as the designated parties to be contacted in case of emergency. Contacts don’t even need to have the Revolar App installed in order to get your SOS messages. Alerts are sent via texts and emails, complete with maps of the user’s live location and might contain additional custom instructions. So when an undesirable or dangerous situation suddenly arises, Instinct wearers can swiftly request help by simply clicking the wearable. Silent Vibrations from the Instinct will alert the wearer that alerts have been sent and opened. But Revolar designed the Instinct to be more than just a safety wearable. Thanks to the Ring Me feature, the Instinct can help users get out of uncomfortable situations by sending a call to their own phone, thus allowing them to excuse themselves. The Instinct also borrows a feature found in most fitness trackers today - it can track your steps. The Revolar Instinct is currently gathering funds on Indiegogo and interested parties can go ahead and pledge $59 for the Early Bird 1-Pack which includes the Instinct with a dedicated Case and Battery. Estimated delivery time is set for May 2017. At launch, the Revolar Instinct will be offered with a $80 price tag.

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