Report: T-Mobile To Offer Their Own Devices, New Plans


T-Mobile apparently plans to implement some seriously sweeping changes in the way that consumers lease and buy smartphones, and will be getting back to working with manufacturers on T-Mobile branded devices, according to a report from Android Authority. The whole thing is supposedly going to be tied to Magenta's next Un-Carrier move. They allegedly got a hold of some internal information detailing new plans that include a wide range of new perks that are different from what's currently on offer in the wireless landscape, along with plans to roll out new devices with T-Mobile customization and branding.

The first device in the new lineup is reportedly going to be focused on value, delivering flagship-level features at a far lower price, though their report didn't mention if the specs will suffer as a result, or exactly where this device and others like it will fall on the price and performance spectrum. What was mentioned was that the device is reportedly going to be aiming to deliver flagship-quality features at a fraction of the cost of an actual flagship smartphone, so consumers can probably look forward to saving some cash yet still being able to grab a powerful new smartphone that has plenty of awesome features. The last phone that T-Mobile designed from the ground up in concert with an OEM was 2011's Sidekick 4G. T-Mobile previously stated that was not the end of the Sidekick lineup, but there hasn't been one since. There was no mention of the Sidekick lineup in the report, so other new devices are possible.

The new plans that will supposedly be going on offer will boast things like a lifetime device warranty, worry-free returns with free insurance included with the plan, and easier device buying and switching. The last big Un-Carrier event unveiled the inclusion of taxes and fees for the T-Mobile ONE plan, and the T-Mobile ONE plan itself was revealed at such an event. T-Mobile normally uses these events to unveil fundamental changes to their business model or new ways of approaching consumer pain points in the wireless world. The magic is reportedly supposed to happen in the third quarter of this year.

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