PSA: Here's A Workaround For Google Wifi Router Outages


Some Google Wifi routers are apparently having some issues and causing users to have internet connection outages, but as it turns out, a workaround is available while Google works on a patch. The issue affects certain models of the primary hub used for Google Wifi, and seems to stem from the update to software version 9202.35.8. The bug seems to be affecting a random set of units sporadically, causing their LED lights to go solid blue and the routers themselves to quit working. There are two different workarounds that seem to have varying degrees of effectiveness.

One possible fix is to set up the Google Wifi unit again from scratch, using a new owner account. This can be an entirely fresh Google account created for this purpose, or the account of somebody who's not already an owner on a Google Wifi account. The normal account used should be able to be put back on the unit after Google patches the issue. The other fix involves disconnecting any Windows PCs and Xbox game consoles from the router, which may cause the network to come back up with or without a reset. Once the network is back up, the offending devices can be connected again, but may have to be disconnected again if the issue resurfaces. Reportedly, Xbox One units and Windows 10 PCs cause this most often, though older versions of both could cause the issue. Nobody has found a correlation with any other type of devices, including Linux and Mac PCs, or Android or iOS devices.

The fixes above may be less effective depending on the network topography of your home or business, among other issues. In those cases, users are invited to contact Google's support crew for Google Wifi, who will be able to help them troubleshoot the issue on a deeper level. Google is currently working on a hotfix patch for the problem, which should update automatically when it drops. At this time, Google has not provided an ETA for the update which means that users who cannot find relief with the quick fixes above or with help from the Google Wifi team may have to resort to something more extreme, such as resetting the router or flashing an older software version, or they may even be out of luck entirely.

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