Power Pack Moto Mod Leaks Online Ahead Of Release


The upcoming Power Pack Moto Mod has been spotted online, posted on Google+ by well-known industry insider HelloMotoHK. According to the writing visible on the part of the Mod that would hook into the Moto Z, this particular Moto Mod features a 2,700mAh battery, which almost doubles the battery life of most Moto Z variants. As can be seen in the photos, the Mod looks to be a good bit thinner than Mophie's Moto Mod, and about the same thickness as Incipio's OffGrid Moto Mod. With the Incipio OffGrid sporting a 2,220mAh battery and the Mophie Juice Pack mod featuring a 3,150mAh one, this official Moto Mod from the Lenovo-owned company seems to strike a solid balance between form and power.

The photo of the front of the Mod features some fairly curious writing, though it's hard to make out what exactly it says. The first curious thing is its amperage, which looks to be either 1.3A or 1.7A. In either case, the Moto Z, Moto Z Play, and the Moto Z Force are all capable of fast charging at around 3 amps, which would mean that if the amperage is what it appears to be, this Mod will either under-deliver on charging speed to the Moto Z itself, transferring at around the rate that the battery drains, or it will slowly charge itself. The former is more likely, for obvious reasons. The second curious thing is text that appears to say "Anatel," which is short for the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, and the FCC's logo is also present on the case, meaning that the Mod we're looking at in these photos will likely be released in numerous markets around the world.

The new Moto Mod depicted below was announced back in February at Mobile World Congress. Previous news on this Mod pointed to it being available as soon as March, but with that not being the case, it's anybody's guess as to when this particular accessory and the crop of others announced alongside it will hit the market, not to mention the large number of Moto Mods spawned by Lenovo and Indiegogo's recently concluded Moto Mod design contest.


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