NVIDIA SHIELD Spring Sale: Up To 66% Off Select Games


NVIDIA has today announced a new sale on a small selection of games that are compatible with NVIDIA SHIELD products, including the SHIELD Android TV 2017, 2015, and SHIELD tablets. This is the 'SHIELD Spring sale' and sees 7 games being discounted and in some cases, by as much as 66-percent. The sale kicked off today (April 13) and the titles below will continue to be available at their reduced prices until Sunday April 16.

In terms of what's on offer with this latest sale, the most expensive game is Ultimate Chicken Horse. This is a popular SHIELD title and before today would have set you back $11.99 to buy. However, it is currently being discounted by 50-percent which means you can now pick it up for only $5.99. Another popular SHIELD game included in this sale is GoNNER. This title normally costs $9.99 to buy, although it is currently on sale with 66-percent off so it will currently only cost you $3.39. The next $9.99 title on sale is Kingdom: New Lands. This one is seeing a 30-percent price drop can so now be picked up for $6.99. Stikbold! has also seen a fairly significant price drop, as this title is currently down from $9.99 to $4.99, which equates to a 50-percent saving. Likewise, Juju is also seeing a 50-percent price drop, as it can now be picked up for only $4.79, down from its usual $9.49 price. Moving down in price is Chariot which is also being discounted by 50-percent and can now be picked up for $2.99 (down from $5.99). While closing out the sale list is Skateboard Party 3 Greg Lutzka. This one is another title that has seen a 50-percent reduction in price, down from its usual price of $1.99 to only $0.99, making it the cheapest game included in this latest SHIELD sale.

As is usually the case with this sort of sale, a number of the titles will only work on NVIDIA SHIELD devices. On this occasion, the SHIELD-only games include Chariot, GoNNER, JUJU, Stikbold!, and Ultimate Chicken Horse. Which does mean that only Kingdom: New Lands and Skateboard Party 3 Greg Lutzka are available to non-SHIELD owners as well. Although, your mileage may vary, so you will want to check your non-SHIELD device compatibility before purchasing. You can find out about any of the games included in this sale in more detail, as well as purchase them at the discounted prices, through the links below.

Chariot GoNNER JUJU Kingdom: New Lands Skateboard Party 3 Greg Lutzka Stikbold! Ultimate Chicken Horse

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