Microsoft's Wunderlist Replacement 'To-Do' Now Available


Microsoft has today announced the launch of To-Do, following a reported closed beta availability of the app. As the name suggests, the app is a to-do app, although it has been designed to be more intuitive and intelligent, and has been put-together by the team behind Wunderlist, following its acquisition by Microsoft. The new app is only available in a 'preview' version although it is available on a number of platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows 10, as well accessible via the web. In fact, the data is cross-platform compatible, so information will be available across all the user's devices, regardless of which device or platform the app is accessed from.

In addition to the expected and included Microsoft-related features (like integration with Microsoft Office) the big selling point being put forward by Microsoft is To-Do's "Intelligent Suggestions." This is a feature which (in tandem with To-Do overall) looks to help the user better manage their daily to-dos. Largely by decluttering the daily list of things to do and making suggestions on what needs to be done, based on factors like perceived importance, prior commitments, and so on. All of course, decided by To-Do's "smart algorithm." Once the suggestions come through, the user is able to tap them and then add them to their list of tasks for that day. As an added benefit, Microsoft is also detailing the increased security that is on offer with To-Do, citing that it is more secure than other task management apps due to its enterprise cloud-based design which encrypts data all along the way.

It is clear the influence that Wunderlist has had on Microsoft's new To-Do and the company does highlight this in today's announcement post. Noting that "while the name and icon may change," the essence of Wunderlist lives on through To-Do. Microsoft has also made it clear today that as more of Wunderlist's features start to be migrated over to To-Do, it will eventually prepare to retire Wunderlist completely. Which inevitably does mean that if you are a Wunderlist user still, it might be time to consider migrating over to To-Do. The Android version of To-Do is now available via the Google Play Store, through the link below.


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