LG's Latest G6 Ad Highlights Waterproofing & Wide-Angle Lens

LG's latest G6 ad highlights the phone's waterproof feature and the wide-angle lens that can be found within the camera that lets you take some pretty amazing shots with an exceptional amount of content in the image. The ad which has been posted up to the LG Mobile Global YouTube channel can be seen below and although brief it does a great job at showcasing the two features in one go. The commercial is only about 20 seconds long and it's definitely worth a look, especially for anyone who either has kids, or has spent time around kids and is familiar with the kinds of weird stuff they can end up doing from time to time.

For those that don't want to watch, the ad kicks off by showing the LG G6 in landscape mode hovering over a fishbowl with the video capture on and ready to go, and then the hand of a young child promptly comes into view as it grabs the LG G6, moves it down into the water, and then asks the fish inside the bowl to look at the camera so that they can get a better shot. It's a rather cute exchange that while endearing, can also be somewhat terrifying thanks to the usual bad relationship between electronics and really any form of liquid.

Luckily the LG G6 is prepared to handle such situations with its IP68 rating, though it's not recommended that users attempt to test the limits of that waterproofing just to see how far they can take things. That being said, should a little drop of water fall onto the display or should any user get caught out in a light drizzle while using the phone with no dry place to store it, the phone should be ok. Of course, waterproofing isn't the only bit this ad is focusing on. Towards the end of the ad an adult comes up to ask what their kid is doing and quickly pulls the phone back out of the fish bowl as it continues to record and capture all of the detail. LG has always focused on the camera with a number of their past high-end devices, and the G6 carries on that tradition with the wide-angle lens as well as some interesting camera software features. In any case, if you're considering the LG G6 as your next device or if you just like watching commercials, the video is below.

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