LG G6 Put Through Bend, Burn & Scratch Testing In New Video


The LG G6 is the latest smartphone to go through a durability test by known smartphone torturer JerryRigEverything. As is typically the case with this YouTuber, the video starts off with a scratch test noting that the tempered glass display manages to remain unscratched until a level 6 on the Mohs scale. Although the additional front facing hardware elements seem to be less adequate at dealing with direct scratching, with JerryRigEverything suggesting a screen protector would be a good idea to ensure adequate protection. Moving past the front of the device and the rear-positioned fingerprint sensor seems to hold up well after being scratched and remains in a usable state.

In terms of the general build quality, the video reveals that the smartphone is made up completely of metal, seemingly making reference to the debate that raged around the LG G5 and what appeared to be a non-metal coating. This is not the case with the LG G6 with all aspects of the phone sporting a solid metal build. Moving to the burn test and the screen seemed to react in as little as six seconds which JerryRigEverything notes is quicker than the average, although good enough for normal levels of usage. While the now-infamous bend test reveals that the LG G6 holds up extremely well, with the YouTuber noting very little flex or bending and even when a greater level of pressure is applied.

So overall, when it comes to the scratch, bend and burning of the LG G6, the smartphone seems to hold up pretty well and passes all of the testing to a satisfactory degree. However, one aspect that JerryRigEverything keeps coming back to is the design and in particular, how flush all the hardware aspects are. Something that the YouTuber suggests could be a cause for concern in the long-term with the recommendation being that owners of the LG G6 make use of a case or a skin to ensure protection. Although, in spite of the concerns surrounding how flush the hardware is, the YouTuber does also note that it is really a very nicely designed smartphone. You can see the durability test in full below, in addition to checking out our full review of the LG G6.


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