LeEco Partners With Walmart & HSN To Expand US Presence


LeEco has announced that they've started working with two new retail partners in the United States – Walmart and the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Walmart will be selling two of LeEco's flagship smartphones, the Le Pro3 and Le S3, on their website. HSN, on the other hand, will be doing the same, but will also be retailing three different LeEco-branded TVs – the Super4 X43 Pro, X55, and the X65. HSN will also be featuring LeEco's merchandise on the air on April 15, as part of their Electronics Connection Innovation Month. LeEco did not mention any sort of timeline for the partnership, meaning that it is likely indefinite, and future LeEco products may also be distributed and advertised with the help of Walmart and the HSN.

According to LeEco's press release, operations with existing retail partners will continue as normal. This announcement brings their total list of U.S. retail partners up to eight, though only three of them actually give customers a chance to go hands-on with LeEco products before paying for them. The list of online U.S. retailers selling the company's products consists of Amazon, Target, Red Pocket Mobile, and the two mentioned above. Meanwhile, Best Buy, Fry's, and BrandsMart USA all sell LeEco's products online, but also have units in physical stores, and in most cases have demo units that customers can try before deciding whether to make a purchase. HSN may begin regularly featuring LeEco products on their TV channel, but even seeing all angles of a product and watching a demonstrator use it and talk about it is a far cry from actually being able to stand in the same room with a TV or hold a phone in your hand.

LeEco's full product lines include headphones, speakers, and phone accessories, and even self-driving cars will be joining the company's portfolio in the future. For now, though, you'll have to head to LeEco's LeMall online store for most of those things if you live in the United States, as their retail partners in the country currently only sell LeEco TVs and phones, and there's been no word from LeEco thus far on when or if that will change.

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