Leaked Details Of LG G6 Mini Suggest 5.4-Inch 18:9 Screen

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First details of a smaller variant of the LG G6 have emerged in an internal company document obtained by TechnoBuffalo. The LG G6 Mini — which may not be the official name of the device — reportedly sports a 5.4-inch display panel that boasts the same 18:9, i.e. 2:1 aspect ratio introduced by the 5.7-inch LG G6, the leaked document suggests. The screen-to-body ratio of the smartphone is said to be to be “just under 80 percent,” meaning the front side of the handset might be similar to the LG G6 that has a screen-to-body ratio of approximately 78.37 percent. The original document detailing the device wasn’t published online but reportedly references a 2016 date, indicating that the Seoul-based consumer electronics manufacturer may have been developing a smaller version of the LG G6 but decided to scrap the project for some reason.

LG has a history of introducing smaller variants of its flagship G series that dates back to 2014 and the LG G2 mini, though its G5 never got a more compact counterpart but a somewhat weaker sibling in the form of the LG G5 SE that was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 3GB of RAM. However, the company previously launched the LG G4c, G3 S, and the aforementioned G2 mini, meaning that a smaller variant of the G6 wouldn’t be an unprecedented product. While the South Korean phone maker never released a more compact revision of the 2016 G5, that might have been due to its modular design if the firm wanted to ensure that the relatively expensive modules for the G5 were also compatible with the G5 SE.

While the LG G6 Mini moniker mentioned above isn’t officially confirmed for obvious reasons, LG already trademarked that name in early February, shortly after filing for an “LG G6 Lite” trademark, which is another possible name of the device that’s the subject of this rumor, albeit one that implies that the Seoul-based company is working on a weaker variant of its latest Android flagship. Even though the latest rumor pertaining to a revision of the LG G6 doesn’t mention any hardware specs, more information about the handset might follow soon, provided that the G6 Mini/Lite is still in active development.