HTC Revenue Jumps 25.4% in March 2017, Compared to Last Year

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HTC has been reporting their monthly revenue for a few years now, it’s something that virtually no other company does right now. Most companies report four times a year, after each quarter. But HTC does announce their revenues for each month, and March was a good month for the Taiwanese giant, showing a 25.4% increase in revenue from March 2016. And that’s an 11.3% increase from February 2017, which looks pretty good for HTC. Of course, they did launch two smartphones in March, the HTC U Play and HTC U Ultra, even though the U Ultra hasn’t gotten the warmest reception, it appears to have helped the company.

According to the short press release that HTC posted on their investors website, they have unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$5.2 billion for the month, and so far for 2017, unaudited consolidated revenue is NT$14.53 billion. The results for their first quarter of 2017 should be announced around the first week of May. HTC hasn’t yet set a public date for earnings, but looking at recent history, they normally announce earnings in the first week or two of May. While their unaudited consolidated revenues has increased year-over-year and month-over-month, the audited numbers may paint a different picture, Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens there.

HTC typically sees a huge increase in revenue for months where they have new smartphones on sale. Which makes sense, seeing as people are buying new smartphones. HTC did put two devices up for sale in March, and that is likely what helped them drive up their revenue for that month. Now the hard part for them will be to keep revenue going in that direction. With the HTC U rumored to be announced later this month, HTC could be headed in that direction. The leaks for the HTC U look pretty promising with some pretty high-end specs, including the Snapdragon 835 inside, not to mention the touch sensitive side of the device. HTC has always made some great smartphones, they’ve just had trouble connecting with their customers, and HTC isn’t the only ones having that issue. Pretty much every smartphone maker is having trouble promoting their smartphones.