Google's New AutoDraw Aims To Improve Smartphone Drawings


Google has launched a new tool dubbed AutoDraw. The name is quite a descriptive one, as the idea behind this tool is that automatic processing can assist users in improving their drawing skills. According to the announcement by Google, AutoDraw makes use of machine learning and drawings created by known illustrators, designers and design studios, which in combination, results in users able to create more accurate and usable drawings.

The idea is actually pretty simple and fits quite neatly in line with the way in which Google Search works for most other aspects. This is because AutoDraw also makes use of search functionality. All the user has to do is draw something on a device, and then the machine learning kicks in, looks to identify what the user is attempting to draw, and provides a number of "did you mean" suggestions. At which point, the user can just click the suggestion that is most relevant to their drawing, and the web-based tool does the rest – recreating the drawing in more detail. Which Google notes makes this an ideal tool for those looking to create drawings quickly and on the fly, which can then be used on things like party invites, greeting cards, and so on.

With this being a web-based tool, it is one which is largely accessible by a number of devices. So regardless of whether you are using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, the feature is available, although the method of engagement differs depending on whether the device being used is a touchscreen or not. In addition, this is a free to use tool so in reality, the only limitation is your imagination or drawing skills – which, in spite of this being an aspect AutoDraw looks to fix, still has some room for improvement. For instance, the picture above is clearly a cat, although the algorithms behind the new feature (which is based on technology seen in Google's Quick, Draw), seems to disagree – with a crab being suggested before a cat. In either case, you can check out the new feature in more detail by watching the new AutoDraw promotional video from Google below. Or of course, simply heading through the link below to give the new feature a try for yourself

Try AutoDraw

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