Google Plus Topics Will Help You Find New Content

Google Plus Topics

Google Plus is getting a new feature called Topics, which will help you find a wide variety of different content on Google Plus that you may enjoy, based on your activity on Google Plus and the data that the service has on your interests. The Topics view appears on a user’s Home stream and shows them collections, people, and communities that match up with their interests, are related to communities they’re already a part of, or are linked to people that they already know on the service. The whole thing is centered around different Topics like cars or sports that all of the content is arranged into. Topics is currently rolling out in the next few days and all users should be seeing it in the very near future on both desktop and mobile, with Google stating that hundreds of topics are already going to be available with the feature launch.

The Topics content appears under a card labelled “Topics To Explore.” Clicking on any of the listed topics will bring you to a curated listing of content within that Topic. The Topics that Google Plus shows can range from broad to niche, and include entries like “All Things Google,” “All Things Science,” and Game Cartography. The Topic view itself opens up in a larger view that takes up the whole window to show off content related to that Topic. Clicking on any of that content will bring you to the content as normal, be it a person’s page, a community page, or an individual post, and do away with the large Topic view.

Topics will be rolling out to a wide range of users but when it first hits the feature will only be available in three languages; English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Google did not announce when or if Topics will be expanded to include other languages. Google Plus has been growing more slowly over the last couple of years but has recently undergone a slight renaissance, with Google putting out a number of updates and new features that are designed to re-engage the existing user base and perhaps attract new users too. Last year, the service got an update with the often requested ability to upload pictures to the comments section of a post, as one example of the recent TLC that Google has bestowed upon it.