Google Outs New Tools To Aid Material Design Compliance


Material Design can be tricky to get exactly right, but Google is thankfully there to help app developers with a suite of easy-to-use tools that can assist developers in bringing an app into compliance with the guidelines, the newest of which is the three-pronged Color Tool, just announced today. The tools center around fine-tuning the color scheme of your app for aesthetic appeal, accessibility, and interchangability. There is an option to automatically create new color schemes for your app with varying degrees of contrast, an option to check out how accessible and legible your current color scheme is, and an option to check out your app's UI in a preview view that also allows some editing.

The first of the three options in the new Color Tool is there to help developers to create new color schemes for an app. This can not only give users a degree of customization, but also help with accessibility and sunlight visibility. Many big-name apps, such as Kernel Adiutor, even offer a quick option for users to switch to another color scheme on the fly. The second tool changes the background of text in your app, allowing you to see how text will look against other background colors, since some users take advantage of high contrast modes, color filters, and color inversion to be able to navigate their device. The third tool lets you preview your app in full color, including alternate schemes, while providing full HTML, CSS, and Javascript editing in Codepen, with changes happening live as you make them.

The new Color Tool suite should make it easier than ever to mess around with your app's color scheme and provide accessibility while still adhering to Material Design guidelines for overall design, flow, and color grouping. Developers can use the Color Tool not only to ensure compliance and accessibility, but also to make last-minute changes and preview new changes live, as they're being made, allowing for quick, easy, and clean self-testing of last-minute changes. With the advent of this tool, users can likely expect to see more apps adopting options to change the UI colors, as well as more apps becoming accessibility-friendly.


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