Google Outs 'G4NP In Three' YouTube Series For Nonprofits


YouTube is a great place to find tutorial videos, and if you're a nonprofit, it's now a great place to find tutorial videos about how to sign up for and use Google For Nonprofits thanks to the new G4NP In Three YouTube series. These videos feature Bri and Jay, two Googlers who volunteer with the company's nonprofit services division. The videos are aimed at explaining to administrators of nonprofits how they can go about signing up for and using the free Google services offered to nonprofit organizations, and the kicker is that it's done in around three minutes per video, as the name implies. New episodes will come out every few weeks or so, each one detailing a different process or product that nonprofits taking advantage of Google's free services may run into.

The first episode serves as an introduction to the series, with the hosts explaining what the new show is all about. After the explainer, they launch directly into a full tutorial, complete with pictures, showing the entire signup process for new nonprofits wanting to get on board with Google For Nonprofits. The video shows every step of the signup process, including verifying your nonprofit through Google's verification partner, TechSoup. The video also goes over how to check what services are available in your country, and what kinds of organizations may technically not operate as a business with the goal of gaining profit, but would be ineligible for one reason or another, such as schools, government bodies, and hospitals.

While the new video series is only a quick tutorial on how to sign up, the benefits that Google offers for qualifying nonprofits are quite vast. In all likelihood, given the depth and brevity of these videos, this series will either go on for quite some time, or will choose to only go over some of the more basic products Google has for nonprofits. Qualifying entities, depending on what country they're in, can access things like G Suite, special grants to run ads in Search, and other Google services, all for free and modified from their consumer, business, and educational counterparts to be tailor made for the needs of the average nonprofit.


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