Google Home Still Lacks The Ability To Create Reminders

Google Home still lacks the ability to create calendar reminders just by using your voice, which is seemingly a pretty simple task that the device should be able to handle with little to no effort on its part. Alas, the smart speaker just recently had a small update which brought in multi-user support and unfortunately for those with a Google Home speaker that may be waiting on this function, the capability to create reminders or add calendar appointments was not included. This is a feature which will be added to Google Home's list of skills at some point, it's just unclear when that is going to be.

Why Google Home doesn't have this option yet is unclear, but Google must have their reasons for not having implemented it yet. Other than the fact that it isn't available, the idea of not knowing when it will be added might be the more torturous element of not having access to the feature, as it could be months and months away or it could be just around the corner with the next update that the speaker will receive. Even without this feature though Google Home is certainly making progress. Having multi-user support is a big feature and it was definitely one that Google Home was sorely missing.

Now that the speaker supports multiple users, those who have multiple people in the house that might want to use Google Home will be able to do so while utilizing data that's actually tied to their own Google account instead of the one that's tied to the owner. One speaker will support up to six unique Google accounts so it seems like that is more than enough for the average household, even more so for those that have more than one Google Home speaker set up. For those still waiting on Google Home being able to create a new reminder for something, the feature is at least on the way, and for now you can still use Google Assistant through your smartphone to create those reminders if you still want to forego having to type everything in, which is still fairly easy even if you do have to interact with your phone a bit.

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