Google Hires SoundStage Developer, Joining Google VR Team

Google has now bolstered its VR division by hiring SoundStage’s Logan Olson. SoundStage is a VR-based music instrument sandbox app which can be found on the likes of the HTC Vive and Oculus VR. The app essentially allows music enthusiasts to create their own music within the confines of VR. In many ways it can be likened to the Google-owned Tilt Brush, which offers a similar level of functionality to art enthusiasts. In spite of only being publicly available for a short period, SoundStage is already being met with very positive reviews and as such, the hiring of the talent behind SoundStage is a move which is being seen as a positive one.

According to the information coming through, Olson will be reporting directly to Clay Bavor, who currently leads the VR division over at Google. In comments made to The Verge (who first reported on the hiring), Google was noted crediting Olson on SoundStage and how the company hopes Olson will add value to the company. With Google nothing “we’re really inspired by what he’s built and for the potential for VR and creativity.“ Suggesting that in addition to Tilt Brush, Google may be looking at expanding on the type of content offered by SoundStage.

In some respects, Google has been seen as being a little slow in developing its VR division, compared to other companies. However, that did all change when Google unveiled its Daydream platform back in October of 2016. Unlike a number of the other mobile-based VR options that are currently available, Daydream is a cross-device platform which is expected to be compatible with a number of smartphones that will come through in 2017 and beyond. The platform launched alongside the Google Pixel and Pixel XL (which are both Daydream-compatible) and since then the platform’s compatibility has been slowly expanding. As has the content available through the platform. In spite of the company’s seemingly sluggish entry to virtual reality, hires like this one are being seen by many as further proof that Google’s VR ambitions are growing as time goes on. Google is preparing to host its annual I/O conference next month and it is highly likely that Daydream will be one of the aspects that is on show. As well as anything else the Google VR team has up its sleeve.

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