Google Glass To Be Featured In Sweden’s Museum Of Failure

Sweden is home to quite a few odd tourist attractions including the Museum of James Bond and Stockholm's Dragon Gate, and will soon also host the Museum of Failure that's scheduled to be opened in Helsingborg this June and will feature - the Google Glass.

The Museum of Failure is the brainchild of an organizational psychologist and innovation researcher Samuel West who has been obsessed with the concept of “failure” for a long time. West believes innovation is only possible by learning based on failure, which is why the upcoming museum aims to celebrate failure in a world where everyone is obsessed with success and succeeding at everything they do, the institution's official website reveals. Apart from the Google Glass, tourists visiting the Museum of Failure will be able to discover other ill-fated products such as the Apple Newton, Nokia N-gage, Kodak’s Digital Camera, Sony Betamax, and Lego Fiber Optics.

Despite the Google Glass’ attempt to commercialize augmented reality (AR) and drive the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, the product never gained much traction among the average consumer. Three years ago, when users were finally given the chance to purchase the Glass, not many took Google up on that chance due to the weighty $1,500 price tag. Furthermore, despite Google's claims that the wearable could last up to a day of typical use, many customers found the Glass’ battery levels were depleted after only three to five hours of usage. While the idea of a smart device mounted on a pair of glasses sounds good on paper, the Glass’ design also left much to be desired. With that said, Google is now aware of the wearable’s faults, which is why rumors of a follow-up to the device have been circulating the industry for almost two years now. Previous reports indicated that Google was looking to overhaul the design of its smart glasses, as well as drop their price tag. Multiple variants with improved battery life were also said to be on the cards, but in the end, Google Glass 2 has yet to be officially announced. Now, despite making it into West’s Museum of Failure, the Google Glass might still have a future in at least one field - enterprise, as companies like Upskin, Boeing, and GE still use Google's wearable on a regular basis.

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