Google Earth Updated With New UI, Many Other Features


Google Earth is getting an entirely new user interface, along with a huge amount of additional features meant to showcase both the power of Google's tool and the beauty of the planet, the Mountain View-based tech giant announced on Tuesday. All of the new Google Earth features are centered around the theme of home, like the "This Is Home" functionality, a digital demonstration of traditional homes in all parts of the world. The new Google Earth also lets you create postcards from all stunning views you encounter, tour natural wonders while getting a primer on what makes them so wonderful, check out impressive architecture in 3D, and even use the new "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to warp to interesting spots around the world. All of the new features are coming to Android and Chrome as part of a staged rollout, Google said, but there is still no word on new VR features compatible with Cardboard, Daydream, or PC-based headsets.

Apart from the This Is Home feature, another notable functionality added to Google Earth is called Natural Treasures. Created by Google and BBC Earth, the feature lets you check out a wide range of beautiful natural formations all over the world and learn many interesting details about natural wonders of our planet. Refer to the gallery below to see some screenshots of the latest version of Google Earth.

In addition to everything outlined above, the new version of the app also ships with a 3D button that provides users with a look at anything they can find in 3D using similar technology to the 3D viewing feature found in Google Maps. Furthermore, the new Postcard button allows you to take a snapshot of anything you see and share it with anyone. Finally, "I'm Feeling Lucky" is here, but the functionality is a bit different from what's found in Search; it won't warp you just anywhere but will instead send you to one of 20,000 curated places. The number of curated places will be expanded on a weekly basis, the company promised, adding that Google Earth 7 is still available for download on desktops for those who prefer the older interface or have a weaker computer.


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