Galaxy S7 Units Experiencing Issues Following Nougat Update

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 has received its Android 7.0 Nougat update, but its users, at least from the US wireless carrier Verizon, are fuming over problems resulting from the update. The Verizon community forum for the Galaxy S7 is filled with numerous topics containing different sorts of complaints about the Nougat update. Among the list of issues from the Android Nougat update is the bug-filled Galaxy S7 camera app. A user at the Verizon forum complained that the camera app shows no settings and the resolution is stuck at a measly 352 x 480 resolution, a problem that can only be solved by restoring factory settings. Other users are also experiencing troubles with the software update for the Galaxy S7, with the severity of problems ranging from slightly annoying like LED notification lights not working to devastating like the inability to make calls and even worse, bootloops. Verizon, for its part, has been replying to the posts on its community forum, asking for more information from its affected subscribers. It is advisable, though, that people hold off from downloading the software update for their Galaxy S7 units until the bugs are resolved.

The Android Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 is only rolling out to subscribers now after reports of Samsung halting the release of the software update emerged last January. The update was pulled back due to reports of bug issues experienced by users in China, forcing Samsung to release the update six months after Android 7.0 Nougat was made available. Just last month, Galaxy S7 users in several countries received their Android 7.0 update, including Canada, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Assuming all goes well for the Verizon owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 later on, they will experience a good number of new features built into Android 7.0. Among the new features are the improved notification system which allows users to do certain actions like replying to messages directly on the notification shade, and a native multi-window feature that supports more applications than the TouchWiz implementation of the same feature. There are changes under the hood as well, like the improved Doze mode, which acts as soon as the phone goes into a state of rest. Owners of the Galaxy S7, and its sibling, the Galaxy S7 Edge will have another major software update next year, but for now, they should expect more updates that could kill the bugs present in the Nougat update.