G Suite's Email Log Search Tool Gets New Features


Administrators and managers who use G Suite already have access to a large number of tools from Google to make things easier for them, and a new announcement from Google tells of a couple more cool features headed to G Suite, this time in the form of improvements and additions to the Email Log Search tool. The tool's new features include searching through emails with the subject line as a criteria, and showing administrator-set email policies and their consequences in logs. The tool was fairly basic at first, and has grown out over time to a feature set that's almost as rich as more dedicated tools, making it almost as easy for G Suite administrators to manage their employees' emails as it is for administrators on older and in-place systems like Outlook.

Adding subject line to the list of available search criteria for email logs seems simplistic in and of itself, but when combined with the other searching tools on offer, it means that administrators will be able to find just about any message on their server with just a little bit of information from the end user or any other involved party. The newfound presence of policies in the log can help explain where messages that disappeared may have gone to, or how messages ended up somewhere they shouldn't have. Administrators often set policies in a blanket format, which means that innocent processes, or in this case messages, can get caught in the crossfire. This tool helps to mitigate that, and allows administrators to modify offending processes simply by clicking on them in the log.

The update should be launching for all users within the next 1 to 3 days. G Suite administrators on the Business, Basic, Enterprise, and Education packages should all see the update come their way in the near future. This update is a follow-up to a previous G Suite update from December that made email bounce messages and special headers more plain and easy to understand, allowing users to more accurately understand and articulate issues, and allowing administrators to have an easier time finding the root cause of issues.


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