Facebook Intros Developer Circles To Help Connect Communities

Facebook has announced the full rollout of its 'Developer Circles' program, aimed at providing learning materials for budding developers, and helping development communities to form and organize both locally and internationally. Each Circle revolves around a specific territory, and the centerpiece of each one is a dedicated Facebook Group. The circles are all run by local experts, who coordinate discussions and activities in the group, and arrange local meetups and other fun community efforts. Developer Circles is now fully rolled out, and is open to anybody who's willing to sign up.

While the main feature of Developer Circles is community engagement, access to free educational materials from Facebook is one of the core components. The idea is to put developers from all walks of life, and all ranks, and career types, together to collaborate, learn together, and brainstorm, together on equal footing. The program has already been a success in the areas that it's been available in thus far, such as Vietnam, Brazil, and Nigeria. Facebook's splash page for Developer Circles is littered with testimonials and inspiring stories about the tool bringing local developers together and helping everybody involved to learn, grow, collaborate, and of course have fun together.

While the community tool is now on a full rollout with open enrollment worldwide, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll find Developer Circles everywhere. Some areas have not had a Developer Circle formed just yet, but you're not entirely out of luck if you fall into one of these areas. You can apply to be the expert leader of a Developer Circle for your area, or simply sign up for notifications to let you know when your local area gets its own Developer Circle. Applicants who want to start up a circle are asked for some basic information, a GitHub address if they have one, and info about their experience in leading developer communities, as well as what their plan for a first meetup would be if they became a Circle leader. Naturally, the full rollout of Developer Circles comes hot on the heels of Facebook announcing that their Litho framework for Android is available freely on GitHub.

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