Details Surface For The Huawei MediaPad T3 & M3 Lite

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Some details have recently surfaced for the Huawei MediaPad T3 and M3 Lite tablets showcasing just a couple of specifications for each device. While there are only two different tablet models, there are actually three versions of the MediaPad T3 in the works all with a different size display. Included will be a version with a 7-inch screen that comes in a Wi-Fi only setup complete with 8GB of internal storage space for media, files, and apps. According to the leak this version of the tablet will cost €129, making this the cheapest tablet of the four that are part of the leak.

There will also be an 8-inch version and a 10-inch version of the MediaPad T3, and these will both come in Wi-Fi only and LTE variants, and both variants of each of these two screen sizes will also come with double the internal storage of the 7-inch version, setting things at 16GB while also sporting 2GB of RAM. The 8-inch version will be €219 for the Wi-Fi only version while it will be €239 for the LTE model. As for the 10-inch version, customers will be looking at just a bit more than the 8-inch for the Wi-Fi only as this will cost €229 while the LTE version will be €279.

The most expensive of the four tablets will be the MediaPad M3 Lite which comes with a 10-inch screen, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage and it will also be available in Wi-Fi only as well as LTE. Here customers will be looking at €329 for the Wi-Fi only version while the LTE version comes in at a cost of €379, putting it just under €400. U.S.-based pricing has not been mentioned and there is no detail just yet on whether or not these tablets will even come to the U.S. market when they launch, or if they’ll launch at the same time as in Europe if they are planned for a U.S. release. There is also no mention of when Huawei plans to launch these tablets in Europe which is the region these prices are listed for, though if the pricing is already being leaked it’s entirely possible that the launch could be coming up fairly soon.