Best LG G6 Cases – April 2017


The LG G6 is a great looking smartphone, but it is also made of glass. Which means that it will scratch easily, but it can also shatter if you drop it. So this means that buyers of the brand new LG G6 are going to want to pick up a case or two for their new smartphone. There are plenty of LG G6 cases available, but we've listed the best cases for the LG G6, below.

Spigen Rugged Armor


Spigen is pretty popular for smartphone cases, and their Rugged Armor case is a pretty popular one. Largely due to the fact that it is a thin case, but still provides plenty of protection for your smartphone. And that's the case with the Spigen Rugged Armor for the LG G6. It looks great on the LG G6, especially those that pick up the black color LG G6.

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i-BLASON Clear Case for LG G6


There's no doubt that the LG G6 is an amazing looking smartphone from the South Korean company. But since it is glass, it does get scratched fairly easily. Thankfully, there is a nice looking clear case here for the LG G6 which will allow you to still admire the beauty of this smartphone, while keeping it protected. This case from i-BLASON does have a lip around the front of the device to protect the display as well.

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Poetic Revolution Case

Poetic has a great looking, somewhat rugged, case for the LG G6. It's the Poetic Revolution which will provide protection for the entire LG G6, including the front. It has a lip that goes over the edge, making it great for protecting that display. Whether you are placing it down on a table, or dropping it, it'll protect that LG G6, which is the important thing.


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Spigen Neo Hybrid


This option from Spigen is actually a pretty thin and slim case, but it does still provide plenty of protection. The Neo Hybrid is one of Spigen's most popular cases, and it looks fantastic on the LG G6. It does have a cut out on the back for the camera and the fingerprint sensor, so you'll be able to still use your fingerprint sensor without any issues, really.

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Caseology Vault Series


The Vault Series of cases from Caseology will actually make the LG G6 look pretty stealthy. It comes in black (and other colors), and has a brushed metal look on the back, with a carbon fiber look around the camera. Aside from looks though, the Caseology Vault Series will provide plenty of protection for that LG G6, as the last thing you'll want to do is drop it and damage the device.

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SPARIN has a pretty plain looking case for the LG G6 here. This is a TPU cover, so it's thin and lightweight, and doesn't add a whole lot of bulk to the LG G6, which is also important for a lot of people. The SPARIN TPU Cover is available in black only, and is priced at under $10, which is definitely a good price for this case.

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From OtterBox, we have the SYMMETRY SERIES. This is a clear case for the LG G6, so that you'll be able to show off how great the LG G6 looks, while still keeping it protected. And just as you'd expect from OtterBox, this is a thick and rugged case. So it'll be able to take a good deal of impact, should it be dropped. Of course, that is the last thing you'd want to happen, but at least the OtterBox SYMMERTRY SERIES will keep your LG G6 protected.


Incipio DualPro Dual Layer Case

Incipio's popular DualPro case is also available for the LG G6. This is a great looking case, especially in the red you see above. Now as you'd expect, this does add a bit of bulk to the LG G6. But it does offer plenty of protection, and it also gives you a bit of grip that you otherwise wouldn't have with the LG G6 being naked (without a case). Incipio does also offer this in gray in case you don't want to use the red color on your LG G6.

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Caseology Parallax Series

Caseology's Parallax Series is another great case to pick up for the LG G6. It's a bit more expensive than some of the others on this list, but it does add a bit of style to your smartphone, as well as some grip and protection. The back has a geometric pattern which looks really nice, and it also allows you to hold onto the phone a bit better. Caseology offers up this case in black, blue and red, all of which look pretty incredible on the LG G6.

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Spigen Tough Armor

One more case from Spigen for the list. This is their Tough Armor case which not only looks good, but also does a great job at protecting your LG G6. It features a TPU cover and a PC back for taking the impact from a drop. There is also a built-in kickstand available, so you can stand your LG G6 up and watch content on it with ease.

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