Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 – April 2017


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautiful looking phone, and unfortunately you'll want to put it in a case, since it is made of glass and is pretty fragile. There are plenty of great cases available for the Galaxy S8, unsurprisingly, and there are some bad ones. But we've rounded up the best cases for the Galaxy S8 and have them listed here.

Maxboost mSnap Case


This is a pretty plain case for the Galaxy S8. It's a slim-fit case that is nice and thin. This provides some protection for your Galaxy S8 without actually adding a whole lot of bulk to your device. Which is something that everyone is going to love. The Maxboost mSnap is also one of the cheapest cases on this list.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid


The Spigen Neo Hybrid is another good, slim case for the Galaxy S8. The Neo Hybrid has been a very popular case for other smartphones, so it's no surprise to see it for the Galaxy S8. It provides coverage for the entire device without adding a lot of bulk to your Galaxy S8, which is something we can all get behind. It does protect all of the sides as well, even though there is that curved edge.

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Ringke Air Prism


This is another case that is somewhat thin, but it also has a pretty cool design for the Galaxy S8. It has a prism design on the back, which does add a bit of grip to the Galaxy S8. This is important because the Galaxy S8 is made of glass, and is thus a pretty slippery smartphone as it is. And the last thing that most people are going to want to do is to drop their smartphone and break it.

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Spigen Rugged Armor

The Rugged Armor from Spigen is a bit of a bigger case, but it does add a bit more protection, without adding a lot more bulk. It's a pretty flexible, not to mention great looking case for the Galaxy S8. It also makes it easy to reach the fingerprint sensor – or as easy as it can be with it in that position on the back of the device. It is a TPU case, and has a bit of a carbon fiber look on the back.


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Caseology Parallax Series


The Parallax Series from Caseology is another great looking case for the Galaxy S8. This has a nice looking design and texture on the back, which of course is going to help you hold onto your Galaxy S8 a bit easier. It's available in a few different colors, and it just looks absolutely stunning on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It's a bit more expensive than some of the others on this list, but it is also one of the best looking cases on this list, by far.

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For those that need a rugged case, or the most rugged case, OtterBox has your back here. This is their DEFENDER SERIES case, and it is a pretty expensive one, but it can pretty much withstand anything, even an explosion. This case is pretty thick and bulky as you might expect, but it's definitely worth it if you are hard on your smartphone or do have a tendency to drop it.


Lumion Nova Series Case

Lumion has a pretty inexpensive but definitely useful, case for the Galaxy S8. This is a rugged case that will protect the Galaxy S8 from drops and falls, but also keep it from getting scratches and stuff. Now it's a slim rugged case, so it's not going to add a ton of bulk to the device, but still worth picking up.

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TUDIA Ultra Slim Case

Those looking for an ultra slim case for the Galaxy S8, need to look no further than the TUDIA Ultra Slim Case. This is a very slim case for the Galaxy S8. And while it may not be the prettiest case out there, it will protect your Galaxy S8 from getting damaged. Now it may not protect it from being dropped from a tall height, but it will offer plenty of protection for most falls.

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iPulse Journal Series Case

How about a good looking wallet case for the Galaxy S8? iPulse has you covered with the Journal Series, which features a leather wallet case, with room to store all of your credit cards – likely the ones that don't work with Samsung Pay just yet. It's also a folio case, so you can stand it up in landscape mode and watch your favorite videos with ease, on that beautiful, large display.

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