Best Android Games – April 2017


It’s that time of the month again where you’ve probably run out of games to play on your mobile device or you’re simply looking for something new so you can fill up your weekend. Whatever the case may be there are quite a few good games out there on Android that have been released over the past month or so and we’ve rounded up some of the best so you can check them out.

Gunpie Adventure

Kicking things off is Gunpie Adventure from Nexon. This is an arcade-style shooter that is akin to titles that you could find at the arcade or on system like the PS1 such as House of The Dead and Time Crisis. Although the graphics are of course a little better here as it’s much newer so if you like pretty visuals you shouldn’t be disappointed. There’s multiple game modes to enjoy, like challenge mode, and if you like boss battles it has those too. It’s even got voice overs from a Hollywood cast according to the app description.


Revenge Of Heroes

Retro RPG games are not exactly in short supply on Android, but it is a little more difficult to find really good ones, and especially at such a low cost. Revenge Of Heroes is a full-on JRPG with an endearing story to follow and a lovable cast of characters. It has easy to use controls and a familiar as well as enjoyable battle system, and those who like anime will find the manga-style visuals to be quite fantastic.

THE LAMP: Advanced


This is an arcade puzzler where your goal is to shine light on various objects throughout each stage to continue to the next level. Throughout the game you’ll need to solve different puzzles to progress, but there is also plenty of adventure mixed in with a story that you can uncover about the two main characters, the sisters of light and dark.

Quantum Revenge

Dual-Stick shooter fans will enjoy this title. It’s filled with action and plenty of mayhem as you’ll need to be quick on the trigger finger to dispose of your enemies. Piloting your special mech suit, you’ll have to battle huge bosses and other enemies in space, and you can upgrade your suit with more powerful attacks when things get more challenging. The visuals here are also inspired by Anime and Manga so if you like those kinds of graphics this is sure to please.



This is a highly stylized mobile adaption of the hit board game with the same name that’s set in ancient Japan. It’s available for both smartphones and tablets and can be played single player or with another person using the pass and play option, which basically has you passing off the device when it’s the other person’s turn. There’s a fair amount of strategic element to the game as you can make numerous choices that will affect your outcome, and your only goal is to have the most satisfying journey of all the travelers on the road from Kyoto to Edo. You can wear disguises to sneak past other travelers and engage with locals on your journey, but always be aware of what’s going on around you.

N.O.V.A. Legacy


This the original N.O.V.A. from Gameloft with remastered graphics to give it a shiny new coat of paint. It has the same great gameplay as before with plenty of Sci-Fi-based first-person shooter action, and it features both single-player campaign and multiplayer modes.


As the name suggests, in this game you’re a hacker and you’ll be able to hack networks around the world, build up your own network, fortify its defenses, and when you go to attack other hackers you can choose to do it quietly with a stealth attack, or you can go in hardcore with a brute force attack, whatever fits your style best.


Ninja Arashi

This is an action-packed platformer with a Ninja theme that contains everything from high-quality graphics with a similar style to that of games like LIMBO and many others that follow in the same genre, to RPG-like elements that will have you upgrading your character with new abilities. There are 45 different levels to complete across three maps, you can outfit your ninja with different costumes, and as you progress through each level you’ll need to avoid certain death from the various traps and enemies that are out to kill you. While the levels are certainly a joy to look at while you play, it’s the graphics for when you die that really stand out. If you enjoy platformers this is definitely a good one.

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed


If you grew up with a PlayStation console then you’ll be familiar with this franchise. Dynasty Warriors is the ultimate hack and slash title set in the warring kingdoms period of China. There are tons of different playable characters here each with their own unique weapons and sets of attacks. You can collect them as you play but you’ll be able to start out choosing from a handful of them. The graphics are top-notch, the combat is epic, and you can compete against other real players in the Conquest mode.

Super Mario Run

Rounding out this list is none other than Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s long-awaited mobile game featuring their most iconic character. Play the game one-handed as Mario runs automatically and you’ll simply be jumping over obstacles, jumping between walls and hitting blocks to collect coins, star coins, and 1-Up powerups. It’s Mario like you remember but also like you’ve never seen him before. Play the campaign in World Tour, compete against others in the Toad Rally mode, and even build up your on little kingdom of sorts from the main screen as you can place various buildings and characters.