Best Android Apps – April 2017


It's that time of the month again, where you spend more time than you had initially planned looking through the Play Store in search of a new app for any number of reasons. If that sounds like you then this list is here to help as we've rounded up some of the best apps to try out that just might be what you're looking for. With that said, have a look at the apps below and give one or two of them a try if they seem to meet your needs.

Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety

Everyone gets a little stressed out now and then, and an app like Pacifica was designed to help through situations like this. It gives you a number of different tools from tracking your health to tracking your mood, and it incorporates a social element with a community for talking to other users. It even has a progress history so you can work on goals based on tracked data. The app is also meant for people who struggle with anxiety or depression and while it may not be a complete replacement for treating them it might be a helpful tool to have.


Aion Calculator

If you aren't fond of the stock calculator on your device and you want something a little more colorful in your life, Aion Calculator is here to give you a solution. While a big feature of the app is the ability to customize the look of it to meet your tastes, it also offers up things like a matrix calculator and you can use the app to make graphs if you have the need to do so. The app also added in unit and currency conversion tools.



Recently launched earlier this month, ComicBlitz gives you access to thousands of comics from various publishers all in one place and all for a reasonable monthly cost. While the app generally has you stream comics meaning you need to be connected to the internet to read them, it also offers users the ability to download comics for offline reading as well, and you can download as many as you like if you have the space for it.

Meditation isn't meant to be complex, on the contrary it's all about simplicity and clear-mindedness. With that said simplicity is the name of the game here with It offers up a handful of different meditation recordings to listen to and it packs them all into a simplistic user interface.


Chef Of The Wild Pro

This one is aimed at the gamers out there, but specifically those gamers which haven't been able to put the Nintendo Switch controller down because they can't stop playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. This is a companion app for that game in particular which offers players of the new Zelda game things like a recipe library with a list of required ingredients, and it tells you what sorts of effects they'll have on you. If you're playing the game, give this one a try. There is also a free version you can test before going all in on the pro version.

Notely – Take Note


It seems that there is never too many note taking apps out there and if you still haven't found one that you're particularly fond of, maybe Notely has what you need. You can use the app to type notes, or speak them if you simply don't have your hands free but still need to jot something down real quick. You can even add hashtags to them so you can easily find them later on, which might be useful if you're taking lots of notes with this app.

Today Weather – Forecast

Like the last application, Today Weather enters into a category of apps which seems to have no end but that doesn't make this one less appealing. Today Weather is quite feature packed so you're getting a robust offering in terms of what the app can do and it has a pretty sleek user interface so if style is an important factor when it comes to the apps you use, this one has a lot of it. It's got a 24/7 weather forecast and an air quality and UV Index if you're curious to know that information for wherever you are, and there is a cool little social aspect that lets you take photos of the current weather to share with the app, so if it's a sunny day outside and you want others users to see how beautiful it is, you can snap a picture and upload it to the app.



For users in India, specifically in Bangalore or Mumbai as these are the only places where this app is currently available, Areo is a new app from Google focused on providing home delivery of different products. It's a shopping app for everything from food to beauty products and it provides checkout from within the app as well as a way to search for specific items if you aren't finding them as easily by browsing through the various categories that are listed.



This is the new recipe app from the Runtastic team aimed at helping users find and cook delicious yet healthy meals to accompany them on their path to a healthy lifestyle. With a decent selection of healthy recipes to jump start the app's launch and more on the way, as well as how-to videos that show you how to make the meals, this is nifty app if you're looking to eat better.

YouTube TV

Last but not least is the highly anticipated YouTube TV, the streaming service from YouTube that offers up live television access from a wide array of different networks. While only available in a few different cities at the moment, YouTube TV is an decent option to consider at $35 a month with access to tons of channels including add-on options, plus it has Cloud DVR, Chromecast support, and multi-user account access.